Apply for a job lately? Ever hear back from the place? Most likely, if your area is anything like the region in which I live, you didn’t. With all the technology available, businesspersons should at least have a modicum of decency and send out a canned rejection email.
I usually hear through the “interweb” who got hired for the position. Sadly, the people that are getting these jobs are usually not even residents of thus country – which stings more than the rejection. Massachusetts was given a chunk of change to build up the biotech biz here in the Boston area. But where are all the dollars going? To H-IB Visas. To fly people here form other countries to take OUR jobs.
Where are Ameicans supposed to find work? Gee, can you tell I am bitter? Can you tell I have experienced the rudeness of hiring managers – academics being the worst. Can you tell I have been rejected too many times because I went to a public university (read: old lab equipment, minimal lab opportunities, no work-study programs)? Can you tell I found out that the majority of the 60+ jobs I interviewed for were filled by NON AMERICANS, AND/OR FAMILY MEMBERS OF OTHER COMPANY EMPLOYEES WHO ARE ALSO NOT AMERICAN CITIZENS?
I gave up. I applied for a job that requires me to speak English ( we are in America, right?? Makes sense…) – to work in a mall retail store in an area that is populated by predominantly Americans. My THREE degrees and 20+ years of work experiences aren’t good enough.
Seems to me that you have to be from another country to get a job here in Obamerica.
It is hard to be proud of a country that shuns it’s own citizens in favor of “others.”
“Yes, THEY can – but WE can’t.”
Where is that welfare office located……..?