I believe in a Higher Power, and energetic source of life, a Creator of all things.
However, as a (now former) science professional, I met strong opposition to my beliefs, primarily centered around creation theories.
Do I believe in the Big Bang? In a manner of speaking, yes.
Evolution? Most definitely.

This belief prompted a well-known PhD in the Boston area to call me “delusional” and tell me that I had no business working in the any of the life sciences and calling myself a “scientist.” How nice to receive such encouragement by a so-called leader in the field of natural sciences!

So, how can this be?? How can I marry the two schools of thought in my brain?

Simple – and I can’t understand why more can’t adopt this view:

All of what we know had to come from somewhere or something – right?
I believe that the Somewhere/Something created the Big Bang. I believe that this entity also created the building blocks of life and created the conditions that allowed the formation of life in its various configurations.
I believe in evolution because we have seen it happen in our lifetime, right before us, and yet people deny it. Look at the “evolution” of cryptic species that come about due to changes in the environment. How about the ever-increasing strains of HIV and influenza, resiliency of thingyroaches, the size of humans? Why is it so difficult for people to see these things? It is unfathomable to me.
Simply put, God/Allah/Great Spirit/Divine Energy/Divine Light/Yeshua created the stuff from which life is made, in many levels of intricacy. No, I am not saying: “POOF! There’s an ocean! And look, a whale! And over there there are humans-like creatures, sunbathing on the beach!” I am inferring that basic life forms were created, or the conditions for the evolution of basic life forms were created, and then the life forms adapted (evolved) to its environs.
Their are pieces and parts of the union of these two theories that I am unable to articulate. But, I am OK with this. Contemplation, curiosity and the desire to research mysteries of our history are pieces of what make us a superior species. I cannot explain it in any other way.
I had an argument with a classmate in the 6th grade about this subject. We started with cavemen and bantered all the way down t primordial soup. The line I spoke that stopped our exchange was, “where did the particle(s) that eventually became an amino acid come from?”